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    Our firm has specialised in family law for years

    Knowledge and experience we have gained from hundreds of proceedings in family law matters

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    You can reach us at any time

    We reply to emails within office hour the same day.

Law Firm of Dr. Frank | BerlinWhat benefits do we offer you?

We are absolute specialists working exclusively in family law and the closely related area for inheritance law. This means that we can assure you of the very highes standard of knowledge and the greatest possible experience in providing a solution to your problem. This year alone we have looked after more than 400 clients. We are happy to welcome you in our offices in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and in Potsdam in the northern city center.

What we can do for you

Advice and representation in
separation and divorce
Negotiation of divorce settlement with the
best possible outcome
Drawing up a 
marriage contract
Asserting or defense against
maintenance claims (spousal or child support)
Representation in custody and 
access proceedings
Securing pension
right adjustment

What benefits do we offer you?

  1. Dr. Mario Frank, as an attorney at law who is former managing director of the Spiegel publishing group, possesses an especially high level of skill in financial and economic matters. This is especially important in family law, since real property, life insurances, share portfolios and even companies frequently have to be divided between the spouses, a task wich often overwhelms lawyers who do not have that deep understanding of finance.
  1. We have the reputation for being especially effective in asserting our clients´ interests - an that can only benefit you when we handle your case.
  2. You can reach us at any time. We reply to emails within office hour the same day.


Dr. Mario Frank
Rechtsanwalt &
Fachanwalt für Familienrecht
  • Erbrechtsanwalt
  • Spezialist für Scheidungen und Zugewinnausgleich
  • Experte für Eheverträge und Scheidungsvereinbarungen
  • Besondere wirtschaftliche Expertise
  • Große Erfahrung in internationalen Scheidungsverfahren
Wolfgang Weimann
Angestellter Rechtsanwalt
  • Große Erfahrung in allen Familiensachen
  • Beratung und Vertretung bei Trennung und Scheidung
  • Besondere Expertise in Unterhaltsverfahren
  • Vertretung in Sorgerechts- und Umgangsverfahren
  • Optimale Durchsetzung von Versorgungsausgleich und Zugewinnausgleich
Gesa Bieg – Angestellte Rechtsanwältin
Gesa Bieg
Angestellte Rechtsanwältin
  • Beratung und Vertretung bei Trennung und Scheidung, auch international
  • Schwerpunkt in allen Unterhaltsthemen
  • Expertin für Sorgerechts- und Umgangsverfahren
  • Große Erfahrung in Gewaltschutzverfahren
Sabine Teubner
Angestellte Rechtsanwältin
  • Einreichung von Scheidungsanträgen
  • Spezialistin für Zwangsvollstreckung

Kanzlei Dr. Frank

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Bayerische Straße 31
10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Hebbelstraße 27
14469 Potsdam

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